Self defense:

Clinician Safety

Block, Talk, Walk Program

The Block, Talk, Walk Program was developed in response to overwhelming concerns by clinicians about their Personal safety in the workplace.
Frustration with existing programs:

• Complexities of techniques:
• Inability to retain techniques
• Lack of confidence in technique
• No self-confidence developed

Block, Talk, Walk

Simple, easy to learn, self-defense for cliniciansü
• Teaches recognition of anxious/agitated behaviors
•  Teaches self-calming and de-escalation techniques
•  Builds confidence and team work
•  Easy to learn, practical, with a focus on hospital environment
•  Focus on safety in learning to minimize risk
•  Provides the means to escape unharmed
•  Emphasis on need and means of calling for help
•  Creates a plan of action
•  Easy to defend in court
•  Easily adaptable to all environments

Additional Benefits

Block, Talk, Walk

• Has been taught to over 5,000 clinicians with over-whelming success

• Reduces the potential for injuries which, in turn,

• Reduces leaves-of-absence and workman’s compensation cases

Why Block, Talk, Walk?

• Uses Master-Key moves
• Easy to learn, easy to use
• Practical, but effective
• Minimal violence
• Uses Concepts such as Borrowed Force,  

• Push-Pull and Re-Direction
• Emphasizes redirecting the attack, calling for help and get safely away.

Hospital Security & Clinician Safety:

Recognition, De-Escalation, and Management of Patient Agitation, Aggression and Assaultive Behavior.