guard registration card  - tear gas/pepper spray - baton - security guard firearms permit -  LTCC (CCW) - electronic defense devices - Arrest/Control Tactics (handcuffing) - Surviving edged weapon encounters- 

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Please understand it is under construction and is constantly being updated with information for your benefit. Inside, you’ll find valuable information about your field, important services, and the finest training available. This includes training for all aspects and levels of Security, Civilian Defensive Options, Investigative Sciences, Executive Protection, Law Enforcement, Medical Personnel, and the Military.

Supervision and management training and assistance are also available.

 In short, we provide the training - and where applicable, the equipment - for the guard registration card, tear gas/pepper spray, baton, BSIS firearms permit, LTCC (CCW), air-taser and stun guns, handcuffing (Arrest/Control Tactics) and much more.

License To Carry Concealed training  (often called CCW) is approved by Sacramento and a rising number of other law enforcement agencies. We have the most comprehensive training available and provide a vast amount of material to the student. 


In Elk Grove, exit Laguna Blvd East.

Take first left, by the 76 Station.

Take the next left going around the  around the 76 Station and Laguna Shooting Center is between the 76  and U-Haul.

Mr. Joseph Williams, BSc., 
1SG, USA (Ret.)

Founder • President • Instructor


9630 Bruceville Rd, Ste. 106-357, Elk Grove CA 95757

Located at Laguna Shooting Center

2220 Kausen Drive, Elk Grove CA 95758
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