Executive Protection Course 

9630 Bruceville Rd, Ste. 106-357, Elk Grove CA 95757

Located at Laguna Shooting Center
2220 Kausen Drive, Elk Grove CA 95758
B: (916) 985-7200 • Email: gotoasi1@yahoo.com

EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES:   The Executive Protection Course is a highly intensified training program running 110 hours in 12 days straight.  This intensive training program covers the pro-active concepts of personal protection. Instruction and training material provide a comprehensive study of protecting corporate executives, politicians, witnesses, and celebrities. As violence in the work place has proliferated in recent years, so has the need for agents trained in this specific area. ASI has met that need in this course with highly experienced instructors.

Note: People who cannot function well as part of a team, nor while suffering simultaneously from sleep deprivation and information overload should not attend this course. 

The first week of the Executive Protection Course examines the types of personal protective services as a whole, involved government agencies, guidelines, legal aspects, role of protective agents, and role of protection team members.  Subjects provide the student with the general knowledge expected to be possessed by any one desiring to become an asset to a protection team.  Combat Stress-fire and Specialized Defensive Tactics for the EP Agent are part of the Basic and Advanced Skills for Executive Protection Agents are also part of this intensive and comprehensive training program.

The second week of the Executive Protection Course examines the operational aspect of the protective detail emphasizing  “advance work” and giving the student the opportunity to put classroom theory into practical application. Students prepare for and conduct a mock protection assignment. They  make valuable contacts throughout the program, which they may use while employed on protective details.  Class size is limited to seven (7) students, for real world experience.

 JOB TITLES:  Body Guard, Personal Protection Specialist, Dignitary Protection Agent, Celebrity Protection Specialist, Witness Protection Specialist, Executive Protection Specialist  and Corporate Security Advisor.

LENGTH OF PROGRAM:  The first 60 hours of instruction is mostly classroom (except for live-fire exercises), while the final 50 hours are actual assignment-related functions culminating in a mock assignment performed in public places. These hours do not include study time nor the time that the students decide to hold their own “Team Meetings” during the practical operation exercises.

SEQUENCE & FREQUENCY OF CLASS SESSIONS:  Classes are not normally “scheduled.”  Usually, a "Protection Team" contacts ASI to receive training for their personnel.  If there are several people who contact ASI within a certain time frame and they are all able to take the two weeks off to attend class, then ASI may schedule an "EP" class.  ASI usually runs two to three classes per year.

TEXTBOOKS / MATERIALS:   Materials: Binder with ASI’s Executive Protection Training Manual.  Students use instructor-owned or school rented firearms, ammunition, although we highly suggest that they provide their own firearms to shoot the combat Stress-fire section of training.  Students desiring ASI provides instructor or school-owned or rented vehicles for practicing defensive driving and the motorcade.

Seminar (3 days):    $995

Course (12 days): $3,995