​​​​​​Electrical Defense Devices (4 hrs):                                                                                       $80.00
Introduction to electrical defense devices available to private citizens and security personal. Basic operation, legal (criminal and civil) and moral aspects are covered. Class includes information based on ASI and other users’ experiences with these very effective crime-stoppers.   These devices are legally concealable, non-lethal, and their electric arc may be a deterrent. The mere appearance of these tools have been a deterrent in itself.  Includes ASI wallet certificate. 

Small Baton Defensive Tactics (4 hrs):                                                                                $60.00
The "Small Baton" is essentially a keyring holder made of wood, aluminum, brass, or plastic.  It is about 5" long and 5/8" in diameter.  It is technique that makes it effective, for once learned, anything can be used as a weapon; i.e.: pen, comb, brush, etc.                                                                                                        It is an impact instrument as well as a pain compliance device used to                                                                                                        manipulate any of the nearly 400 pressure points on the human body.                                                                                                      Includes Class  +  ASI Certificate.

                                                                                                     NOTE: Security personnel must have a school certificate of training to                                                                                                      possess on duty.


Surviving Edged Weapons Level I (6 hrs):                                                                            $100.00
                                                                         View the video, receive the ASI manual and gain a realistic awareness of the dangers of                                                                          facing edged weapons This class begins with the viewing of the police training video                                                                                "Surviving Edged Weapons." The video is followed by a discussion of it's content to                                                                                  raise the student's awareness of the serious threat posed by not just knives, but all                                                                                edged weapons. 

                                                                         The physical portion of class applies concepts of self defense, including human                                                                                        psychology and anatomy, to practical defensive tactics against bladed weapon attacks.                                                                          Practical applications includes awareness training, repetitive drills on several easily-                                                                                learned unarmed defensive tactics, and flow drills. Wooden "Tanto" style knives are                                                                                used for practice as they're less dangerous than real knives, but will not bend like rubber knives while employing "flat-of-the-blade defensive techniques. Specifically for security, law enforcement and investigators...or anyone else concerned about surviving edged weapon attacks.. Includes ASI wall certificate.

Surviving Edged Weapons Level II (6 hrs):                                                                         $100.00
This class reviews material from level I including any updates, then provides additional and advanced techniques for unarmed strategies and defensive tactics.  Includes ASI wall certificate.

Surviving Edged Weapons Level III (6 hrs):                                                                       $100.00
 This class trains the use of the “baton” when confronted with knife-wielding assailants. Collapsable and extended positions of batons are used for defense. Also, covered is tactical positioning with a firearm. Includes ASI wall certificate.

Surviving Edged Weapons Level IV (6 hrs):                                                                        $100.00
This class teaches defensive tactics for those who carry “tactical folders.”  Various folding knives are viewed and demonstrated with a dissertation on the legal aspects. Includes ASI wall certificate.

​Our appreciation to Caliber Press for the following out takes of their video "Surviving Edged Weapons."

Tear Gas/Pepper Spray (4 hrs):                                                                                            $60.00
POST-Approved, Dept. of Justice-originated course for Security and Private Citizens. Covers CN, CS, and OC. Security personnel are still required to take this course in order to carry any tear gas device on duty.  You will be authorized to carry the large "police" size canister.  Private citizens are no longer required to take this course, however, are limited to a 2.5 oz. can and are still answerable to the legal system for carry, use, and disposal. Includes ASI wallet certificate.

NOTE: Security Personnel and Private Investigators must have a BSIS-approved school certificate of Training to possess on duty.

Self Defense and More:

Mr. Williams  teaches a complete system of Chinese Martial Arts based in strong traditions, but analyzed and modernized for contemporary practical solutions.  The art is taught as a self-improvement program, not  tournament-oriented sport.  There is equal emphasis on self-defense and self-control. The chin na (literally “to seize and control”) techniques are perfect for law enforcement, military and security applications. 

Relieve stress, gain more energy, and become more confident.  The elements of Northern Shao Lin, Hung Gar and Five Animal are represented. So, too, are the internal elements of Tai Chi, Hsing-I and Ba Gua. Each class starts with Chi Kung (literally: work of the "Chi" or "internal energy") exercises dating back 1,500 years for your fitness, longevity, and healing.  

 Additionally, history, philosophy and cultural aspects of the martial arts are also explored in this multi-faceted program. Study the most formidable defensive tactics ever devised born of necessity, nurtured by monks, and proven by warriors and the oppressed alike.

Mr. Williams, Founder and President of ASI, has over 50 years experience in the martial arts.  As well as the above listed arts, he has studied Japanese Goju Ryu Karate, American Kenpo, Fu Jow Pai, Escrima and other arts.  He has trained elite military forces, as well as  children in daycare centers.  Executive Protection Details include celebrities, politicians and other government entities, corporate leaders, and witnesses. 

Recently, Mr. Williams has created a simple-but-effective program of “personal safety” for Medical professionals as required by law. Also, his experience in Hospital Security has made him popular training hospital security personnel. He continues to research and teach and is often sought for his knowledge of history, philosophy and technical expertise.

Defensive Options

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