Baton Training & Certification

BSIS Approval: TFB-243

Penal Code of California:

12002(b) Nothing in this chapter prohibits a uniformed security guard, regularly employed and compensated by a person engaged in any lawful business, while actually employed and engaged in protecting and preserving property or life within the scope of his or her employment, from carrying any wooden club or baton if the uniformed security guard has satisfactorily completed a course of instruction certified by the Department of Consumer Affairs in the carrying and use of the club or baton.  The training institution certified by the Department of Consumer Affairs to present this course, whether public or private, is authorized to charge a fee covering the cost of the training.

 Translation: If you wish to carry a baton as a security guard, regardless if you’re working for a contract company or as a Proprietary Security Officer (also known as “in-house” or directly employed by the entity utilizing your services), you must have Type your paragraph here.

​The Bureau of Security & Investigative Services issues only a generic Baton Permit. It no longer identifies which type of baton a security officer was trained in. However, the omission of identifying a specific baton does not preclude personal liability in a criminal or civil court when one's training is brought to question.

ASI teaches the Straight & Straight Collapsible Baton during regularly scheduled classes. Training in Side-Handle Baton will be done by special arrangements. For those holding a baton permit, issued prior to the advent of collapsible batons and wishing to become “legal,” please enroll in a current baton class. 

NOTE: Possession of a baton without a permit is a felony under P.C. 12020. Additionally, if carried on duty without a permit, BSIS imposes a $100.00 fine for the first offense. Bring a belt to class.

Baton Class, State Permit and Manual (8 hours):   $160.00

                                    Update/Review (8 hours):   $

                    Advanced Baton Training (6 hours):   $

Advanced training includes a review of the basics followed by more sophisticated techniques including take-downs and come-alongs.

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